One conclusion is indisputable. Elizabeth the Second was the greatest Monarch in the history of the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson declared that she should be known as Elizabeth the Great. Boris is not invariably wrong. Whether by proclamation or acclamation, it is a title that a great Lady has earned.

The Queen’s passing came as a profound shock. But there is also a sense of continuity. That is not the least of her achievements, and the new King also deserves immense credit. In his first address, he found exactly the right language and the tone was pitch-perfect. He mourned as a son; he expressed the authority of a Sovereign. Rarely has anyone conveyed so much in such a brief speech.

There are those who have only thought shallowly about such matters, and who naively assume that, in Britain, tradition impedes progress. On the contrary. Tradition is part of the national rock which creates the stability that makes progress possible – and Monarchy is an indispensable part of that tradition. It is a golden thread running through our history.