Rishi Sunak promised to “rebuild trust in politics through action” as he set out his priorities and vision for 2023 in his biggest speech as PM since the inaugural address outside No 10 in October.

Sunak made five key pledges: to halve inflation by the end of the year, to grow the economy, to ensure that Britain’s national debt is falling, to ensure NHS waiting lists fall too, and, finally, to stop small boats crossing the Channel.

“These five promises are the people’s priorities, so they are my priorities too,” he said. But these are not his only ambitions, Sunak added, promising educational reform, and making the more left-field policy announcement of compulsory maths in schools for all children up until the age of 18 – a measure he deems vital to ensure the next generation is equipped for the data-intensive jobs of the future.

Just how realistic are these aims?