It is pleasant to know that one is read in high places. Last week I wrote that Boris would probably win the next general election. While I was not as contemptuously dismissive of Sir Keir Starmer as a lot of others, I concluded that he was a long way from being a threat. All this clearly upset our PM. He has lived his entire life fuelled by the constant stimulus of risk. If everything seems easy, he is inclined to grow bored. He also may feel sorry for poor old Keir. That is the only explanation for the events of the past week. We have seen a deliberate attempt to undermine the government’s credibility and throw Labour a bone even when the government is making a success of the vaccination programme. First, there was the Cornish holiday shambles. One minister declared that it was far too early to plan such a trip. A second, that it might not be possible to visit Cornwall this year. A third intervened: “Sorry, chaps: I’ve already booked.” The three wise monkeys try their hand at cabinet government.