Penelope Keith, playing character Margo Leadbetterstar in BBC TV Series 'The Good Life.

How the middle-classes have ruined Britain

Once the bedrock of the country, it is now the middle-class student who objects to someone disagreeing with them, the middle-class academics who unpick the history of dead, white men and the middle-class eco-activist who stops the tradesmen from getting to work.

President Putin of Russia - amid tensions with Ukraine

What’s Putin waiting for?

Although the Russian President’s sabre-rattling at the Ukrainian border doesn’t look like a bluff, the Kremlin may be trying to extract more concessions from the West.

The Royal Exchange and The Bank of England against skyscrapers in the City of London

Interest rates: MPC is still miles behind the curve

Neil Collins’ Notebook: The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee seems to believe that inflation will somehow magically fall back into its target range simply by raising rates from negligible to very low.

Man wearing VR headset - now being used for VR porn

Will VR porn kill intimacy?

A recent study estimates that 80% of virtual reality headset users are watching porn on their devices. How will this new, immersive form of virtual sex affect intimate relationships?

european british flag relationship concept

Brexit: one year on

Brexit-related uncertainties have weighed on UK investment. But the chaos and instant dislocation that some feared has not materialised.

Yellow British fishing boat trawler alone in the English channel islands waters after leaving EU with no French fisherman boats or nets in view.

EU and UK finally reach fishing deal

The post-Brexit fishing agreement should ease tensions between Macron and Boris. But has it really enabled Britain to “take back control” of its waters?

Covid face masks in shop - no longer mandatory as plan b ends

Plan A: Part II

Daily Briefing: Plan B Covid restrictions are coming to an end, but what’s the longer term plan for living alongside the virus?