Theresa May dancing

Theresa May and the Virgin

Shock, horror: former PM tells risque joke at Spectator award’s dinner when she was honoured with Backbencher of the year.

Boris Johnson

It’s time for Boris to go

If the Tories could dispose of a world-historical leader, they can surely divest themselves of a world-historical buffoon like Johnson.

Macron - angry at letter to France

President Macron, is everything okay?

A furious French leader has disinvited the Home Secretary to talks on the channel migrants crisis after Boris Johnson’s letter to the Élysée was published. The President’s response is odd, when there is so much at stake in human terms.

Olaf Scholz Germany new leader

Germany’s new leader has some daring plans

Under Scholz, Germany is set to legalise cannabis, abolish mass holding centres for refugees and dip its toe in the culture wars with its stance on gender. With Covid and inflation surging, his leadership skills will be tested from day one.

Shenzhen stock market building, China

Why is economic growth slowing in China?

China’s economy faces manifold challenges – from a diminishing working-age population to a build-up of debt in the banking sector to the damage inflicted through its ‘zero-COVID’ policy.

Celebration of the Victory Day (WWII). Solemn passage of military hardware on Red Square. Russian heavy self-propelled 152 mm howitzer 2S19 "Msta-S" (M1990 "Farm")

The second Cold War has already begun

China and Russia have expanded their definition of warfare – if NATO doesn’t wake up to this fact it will sleepwalk into crisis after crisis.

Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr quits Beeb

After more than two decades, Marr is ditching the BBC to do some less impartial political reporting at Global.