Britain’s Brexit confusion is down to laziness, history, and the French

BY Bruce Anderson   /  10 July 2017

We Brits ought to apologise to the EU, for our relations with Europe do not redound to our credit. Any foreigner who wished to defend the proposition that the British are not an intellectual race could easily do so by reference to the evasions and muddle which we have brought to bear on European questions.

Throughout our membership, British opinion has divided into four groups. The first one is a fanatical minority who have been guilty of sustained intellectual dishonesty over several decades. Federasts, committed to European union, they have behaved like the priests in the temple of some occult oriental religion. Mysteries take place in the recesses, but there is no access for the worshippers. On two points, the federasts were so convinced as to be immune from contradiction. First, that a united Europe was absolutely in Britain’s interests. Second, that as the British people could never be brought to agree with this, they had to be deceived.

Some attempts have been made to expose the post-1945 Soviet penetration of the Labour party and trade union movement. But not nearly enough effort has been devoted to another tighly-knit body of subversives, who also wanted to subject the UK to rule by a foreign power: the Tory Euro-fanatics. It is fortunate that most of them have now been safely interned in the House of Lords.