There’s an awful lot of Brexit around. Too much Brexit, you might say. Even more Brexit than usual. There is also a lot happening in Saudi and the Middle East which makes the EU Withdrawal Bill look small in comparison. Here are five reads that have grabbed me in the last few days, with a particular emphasis on the US, where (God Bless the American system) you are never far away from the next round of elections. The mid-terms are only a year away.

Pennsylvania’s elections tell us how worried Republicans nationwide should be.Salena Zito, Washington Examiner. 

Johnstown Never Believed Trump Would Help. They Still Love Him Anyway. Michael Kruse, Politico. 

The Russia/US election probe is lose-lose for Facebook. Jamie Bartlett, Coffee House, The Spectator. 

Children sacrificed to appease the trans lobby. Janice Turner, The Times. 

5. Saudi Prince blazes a reckless regional trail. Ben Lynfield, The Jerusalem Post.