At the time of writing no-one has resigned form the UK government today, but we’ll have more on the site on such matters if they do. In the meantime, beyond the increasingly grotty and introspective field of British politics, here are five things from the outside world worth looking at.

Iain Martin,
Editor, Reaction

1. Oil hits two-and-a-half year peak on Saudi purge, world shares retreat. Reuters

2. Don’t write off the next big thing too soon. Matt Ridley in The Times.

3. Soar above Orkney’s cliffs on the back of a white-tailed eagle. BBC Autumn watch 

4. Britain’s utilities should not be an ATM for investors. Jonathan Ford,

5. Chicago Blues, the classic Harley Cokliss Chicago documentary up on iplayer. Fascinating social history and great performances. Starts 4m