We are releasing another 500 free subscriptions for students – the offer is also open to others under 21 years of age.

You can apply here.

It provides a way for younger readers to get access to our writing and analysis on politics, economics and culture. Reaction is pro-market, but anti-crony capitalist. We’re broad church. As editor, I’m a moderate Brexiteer. But we publish a wide range of views on all manner of subjects.

Our paying subscribers and supporters (via events) subsidise free subscriptions for younger readers. Think of it as them extending the hand of intergenerational friendship.

They know being young, in education or work, is expensive these days. Incidentally, living under a future Marxist government with John McDonnell in Number 11 will, believe me, be even more expensive in all manner of ways if it happens.

Most of all, we hope Reaction is a useful and entertaining read. Give it a try, for free.

Iain Martin,

Editor and publisher, Reaction.