On this week’s podcast, host Iain Martin speaks to Elisabeth Braw, senior fellow at Atlantic Council and author of the new book Goodbye Globalisation.

Since the end of the Cold War, many saw the adoption of market economies by previously communist countries as a sign that a liberal democratic system of government had prevailed definitively over authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. Those who argued for globalisation said that if goods, services and dollars crossed borders, then soldiers would not. But the world is changing again. War has returned to Europe with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the US and China are at loggerheads over Taiwan and there’s the Middle East in crisis. There are concerns about supply chains and the viability of the global trading system. All themes addressed in Goodbye Globalisation.

Iain and Elisabeth discuss the development of globalisation, the philosophy underpinning it, the huge financial and cultural successes, its increasing volatility, whether it will last and what financial system might replace it.

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