At the risk of wasting my breath, not to mention the time spent typing this, I would like to make it clear that Jeremy Corbyn is a disgrace and should resign immediately as leader of the Labour party.

I am sworn to try and avoid ad hominem, after I was unnecessarily rude about Nick Clegg in the last parliament, but these are exceptional circumstances.

This is going to sound cruel, but no-one forced Corbyn to become Labour leader (apart from maybe spin-doctor Seumus Milne and Momentum man Jon Lansman). He just cannot do it. He is incapable. When the Union needs defending – and Labour’s collapse in Scotland is a threat to the Union – he says a referendum would be “fine.” That was stupidity (probably) or vandalism (probably not).

Then there was his sloppy performance at the latest PMQs. It was by far his worst yet. It was embarrassing to watch Theresa May, theoretically on the back-foot over a Budget u-turn and under pressure from the SNP on a second Scottish independence referendum, flatten Corbyn 6-0 even though she herself was on poor form.

He had no proper questions. He wittered and stumbled and raved his way through what must count as the worst such appearance by a leader of the opposition in history. It was a straight up and down national embarrassment to which the only response is a howl of rage from anyone who wants a functioning democracy: For goodness sake man, just go and let someone else have a shot.

This is beyond notions of left and right. He is just…. USELESS.

I could spend 500 words here explaining just how useless he is, and examining the intricacies of how he might be replaced and Labour rebuilt, but after 18 months of Corbyn you don’t have the energy or the inclination to read it.

All that is clear is that the UK needs a leader of the opposition and thanks to Jeremy Corbyn it does not have one. This must change, soon.