Labour party

John McDonnell is a bad, bad bastard being found out

The Labour party now has an IRA-sympathiser and virtual Communist as Shadow Chancellor

BY Iain Martin | iainmartin1   /  16 May 2017

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t use a swear word when describing a Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, the man who wants to deliver the UK’s next Budget and set the nation’s economic policy. Ad hominem, as David Waywell pointed out in his magnificent deconstruction for Reaction of Trump’s latest meltdown, is not constructive and there are some basic rules of engagement and manners that generally apply when it comes to writing about leading politicians.

John McDonnell merits making an exception, as a hard left fanatic who shares the blame for what is about to happen to the Labour party on June 8th. Forget the idea of unifying Labour afterwards. There should be show-trials and expulsions for these Corbynite clowns who even now at this late stage don’t have the grace to look ashamed.

McDonnell is one of the absolute worst of the lot. As my colleague Danny Finkelstein on the Times explained earlier this month, in the 1980s McDonnell was too extreme even for Ken Livingstone on the GLC. And he backed the IRA, saying:

“About time we started honouring those involved in [the IRA’s] armed struggle. It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table. The peace we have now is due to the action of the IRA.”

George Eaton of the New Statesman revealed last year that McDonnell’s thinking is shaped by Marx, Lenin and Trotsky (the architects of an ideology that resulted in the death of tens of millions of people). In an interview with the Trotskyist Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, in 2006, McDonnell was asked to name his most significant influences. He said: “The fundamental Marxist writers of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, basically.”

So tumultuous have been the last few years that we are at risk of overlooking the full extent of the horror. The patriotic centre-left party of Smith, Blair, Brown, Callaghan, Castle, Cook and Kinnock has an IRA-sympathiser and virtual Communist as Shadow Chancellor…