A mass murderer who starves his own people and has executed his uncle and other relatives in Bond-villain sadistic ways, who had a sibling publicly assassinated with a very nasty poison, who, like his dad and grandpa, is a serial liar re international treaties, who is a porno addict and continues the tradition of Hague-indictable weird haircuts, offers to make peace and demands that this time he should be believed. As New Yorkers say: What’s not to like?

That North Korean genocidal maniac Kim Jong Un is being so deferential and solicitous should signal that he’s got an agenda that bears little resemblance to the one the South Korea and US President Donald Trump think is being unveiled

Although Trump is already boasting that is going to be the case, Kim giving up nuclear weapons is a complete non-starter.

When he talks about “de-nuclearization” he means the US withdrawing its nuclear umbrella protection from South Korea. In return North Korea will abandon further nuclear tests because it doesn’t need to conduct more having already reached a sufficiently threatening level of experimental knowledge in that field.

Also it seems the site is so worn out by previous explosions that it’s no good for more tests. Therefore, Kim is offering to trade in an ancient, clapped-out banger for a bright, shiny Kia car.

Kim has learned that by a few flattering words and gestures, but without the need for concrete concessions, he has already made tremendous headway.

The US State Department, which Donald Trump has sought to slash into impotency, was never consulted about his plans for a summit with North Korea.

And why should they have been? This all began not because of a clear-cut plan to resolve the troubled situation on the Korean peninsula but because the American president awoke needing a “Little Rocket Man” tweet target to divert attention from an array of serious, possibly treasonous, charges leveled against him in conjunction with Russia’s massive disinformation campaign favoring Trump’s presidential campaign.

Anyone at State who cares at all anymore is either worried witless by what might happen or is trembling with barely-suppressed, hysterical mirth like Peter Sellers’/Clouseau’s martyred boss Inspector Dreyfus.

However, in the manner of farces where beggars and millionaires improbably swap roles, the coarse tweet slag-off slithered from the realm of playground spats into the grown-up world of nuclear proliferation.

Suddenly, lifting the possibilities from ridiculous exchanges about the relative sizes of one’s nuclear buttons, some optimistic heads decided this was an unexpected chance for serious talks about the stand-off with North Korea.

The South Korean government has thrown itself into “peace talks” with the North hoping that this time, this ONE time, a miracle will happen and a guy nurtured to leadership at the cost of millions of victims of communism by preceding members of his deviant Kim Family kin, really wants honest talks and will stick by his words.

Neither will happen though. They can’t happen because the threat of inflicting a nuclear catastrophe is the only strong card Kim has and he will not discard it because if he does he fears, probably correctly, that would be the beginning of the end for him.

Kim also knows South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Trump want to claim credit for bringing about “peace” even if it’s all a crock of kimchi and that they’ll play along to make it appear that they’ve eliminated the threat of conflict.

So brace for lots of the bread and circus shows that Trump uses as substitutes for real diplomatic achievements.

Trump has painted himself into a corner where he can either try to present to his core supporters that somehow his tough tweeting has secured a historic climbdown by a criminal maniac who knows his tenure depends on unblinking brutality, or, to maintain his ratings, Trump will feel he’ll have to take military action against North Korea.

Sources at the Pentagon tell Reaction.life that the US has limited military options that do not necessarily trigger the horrific mass artillery attack on South Korea causing hundreds or millions of deaths that so many fear. Accompanied by an attempted nuclear strike against the US or Japan. But I’ve never seen them so pessimistic when mulling the various scenarios.

If the Trump-Kim Summit does happen but doesn’t yield anything measurable as success for The Donald, the South Koreans will try to hang onto the illusion of “successful talks” and not abandon the whole show as swiftly as the Americans. Kim will try to turn that nuanced difference into a rift to try to spilt South Korea and the US.

But another unexpected factor is only now crystalizing as a possible prize for North Korean dictator Kim because of the whimsical possibilities injected into this current “peace process” by Trump.

While the US and South Korea admit they need China’s assistance by enforcing sanctions and pressure on Pyongyang to make progress at any summit, it’s unlikely Kim wants China to play a pivotal role.

Kim doesn’t want his existence to depend only on Beijing’s good will and the concomitant, humiliating need to obey China’s instructions. He sees Trump’s ineptness as an opening to cut a deal which gains him kudos in DC and thus enables Kim some leverage over Beijing.

At the moment all Kim has to do is employ the jargon DC and Seoul wants to hear to become a Western darling and to be treated as if he was in the club of the civilized without giving anything away.

That tweak of the political kaleidoscope will allow Kim to carry on with his lies and the next stage of his nuclear program.