The Boris Johnson letter which I described yesterday mid drama with the weather cooking as “pretty good” turns out in classic Boris style to be full of holes. Sentimental fool, I should have known. The stuff in it about lorries and regulation was plain wrong.

By this morning the temperature had dropped ten degrees. It became easier to think clearly. The Boris letter is guff. The former Foreign Secretary compounded his drivel by posing for pictures signing his letter. Critics will say this proves beyond doubt Boris is a self-regarding shit too keen on publicity. Are they wrong?

All in all, what a contrast in this sorry business with the resignation letter of Lord Carrington, who has died today. His letter sent to Thatcher in 1982 is the model of decorum and dignity. He takes responsibility.

Here is the full text of the Carrington note.

Dear Margaret,

The Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands has led to strong criticism in Parliament and in the press of the Government’s policy. In my view, much of the criticism is unfounded. But I have been responsible for the conduct of that policy and I think it right that I should resign. As you know, I have given long and careful thought to this. I warmly appreciate the kindness and support which you showed me when we discussed this matter on Saturday. But the fact remains that the invasion of the Falkland Islands has been a humiliating affront to this country.

We must now, as you said in the House of Commons, do everything we can to uphold the right of the Islanders to live in peace, to choose their own way of life and to determine their own allegiance. I am sure that this is the right course, and one which deserves the undivided support of Parliament and of the country. But I have concluded with regret that this support will more easily be maintained if the Foreign Office is entrusted to someone else.

I have been privileged to be a member of this Government and to be associated with its achievements over the past three years. I need hardly say that the Government will continue to have my active support. I am most grateful to you personally for the unfailing confidence you have shown in me.

Yours ever


That’s the way to do it.