Iain Martin's Letter

Marie Kondo and an irrevocably split Tory party’s looming clear out

BY Iain Martin | tweet iainmartin1   /  20 January 2019

Have you joined the cult of Kondo? Millions of us have. On Netflix, the tiny Japanese tidiness expert presents a hit series that is a charming fusion of the Japanese gift for order and the restless American need to find the next consumerist fad and infuse it with a higher sense of purpose and meaning. Marie Kondo, 37, turns up at the homes of people with untidy homes and teaches her pupils how to declutter. First, she blesses the house, thanking it for being there. I am not making this up.

Then a room at a time the smiling but ruthless Marie demonstrates how possessions should be sifted through carefully and divided into what can go and what can stay. Only items that “bring joy” are deemed suitable for retention


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