Imagine the year is 2013. David Cameron is Prime Minister of the Conservative-LibDem coalition. Cameron is keeping his friends close (and unwittingly his enemies closer). The Goves, Osbornes, Swires, and other favoured MPs and their families, are on rotation at each other’s country estates and holiday homes.

The men are drinking negronis, several are lusting over each other’s wives. The women are comparing their husbands’ career failings – all is normal. Occasionally, politics and the condition of the country is mentioned. But, in the corner, unbeknown to even her husband (Hugo Swire, then MP for East Devon), Sasha Swire is up to no good. She is noting down conversations and interactions she has witnessed over the night. Seven years later, in the midst of a global pandemic and at the crunch moment for Brexit, she publishes her diary detailing (and mocking) the key players of the Cameron era