The SNP Aims to Derail Brexit

The SNP's manifesto makes clear they don’t want to take back control, but to surrender it to Brussels.

BY Alexander Fiuza   /  1 June 2017

There are some certainties in the British Isles. The grass is green, the water is wet, and the Scottish National Party’s manifesto is designed to derail Brexit.

Unsurprisingly, the SNP manifesto takes the most desperately pessimistic view it can of leaving the EU, painting Scotland as a supplicant, unable to cope without Brussels, while simultaneously needing to leave a United Kingdom it is far more integrated with.

The “remoaning” begins with the SNP commits to a fake Brexit which keeps Scotland in the Single Market. This is to say, they would not take back control of their laws, of their trade policy, or of the projected £1billion a year an independent Scotland would send Brussels.

They claim 80,000 jobs in Scotland would disappear‎. This figure is based on the recent Fraser of Allander Report, which predicted Scotland would lose between 30,000 and 80,000 jobs, using the same flawed worst-case forecasting with which former Chancellor, George Osborne predicted an immediate post-referendum crash. It is plausible only if there is a bad Brexit deal or a mishandled “no deal”; if there were not dozens of countries looking to sign trade agreements with the UK, and if the economy was completely static. In other words, this scenario is highly…