Let’s all take a moment today to celebrate the third anniversary of the best ever Boris Johnson Facebook post, commemorating St George’s day. Johnson wrote his treatise on England’s national saint just before the 2016 EU referendum. It is genuine. From a different, more innocent time.

Who was St George? Nobody knows but he is said to have been a Cappadocian bacon merchant who made a fortune from victualling the crusaders. And if that is true it is highly appropriate that he should be our national Saint – a heroic and independent small business man of the kind that still today forms the backbone of the English economy. Above all he was a man who had the guts to stand up to the prevailing consensus of the establishment. You will recall that for decades the people had been oppressed by an alien tyrant, a dragon that ate people and took 20 billion pounds a year and did terrible economic damage. The elites all collaborated in the disaster. They said that there was no other option. They deplored the dragon but they said that getting rid of it was too risky. Stuff that said St George. He slew the dragon, liberated the people and restored democracy. And he got the princess.

Cry God for England and St George today!

Boris Johnson is (currently) front-runner to be the next Tory leader and Prime Minister.