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Whoops. Sir Keir Starmer is taking too many leafs out of Boris Johnson’s book after forgetting a clause he unveiled during a keynote speech in Birmingham.

The Labour leader was detailing his “patriotic contract” to the British people, based on the ideas of “security, prosperity and respect”. But was left floundering in front of journalists after he had forgotten what he said halfway through his speech.


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His on-stage forgetfulness mimics that of the bungling Prime Minister who last year lost his place when delivering his now infamous ‘Peppa Pig’  speech to the Confederation of British Industry.

The slip-up comes as Starmer continues to be accused of failing to provide a credible vision for how he would run the country. The latest Redfield and Wilton poll shows that Labour’s lead in the last week has been slashed to just three points.

Yet Starmer’s speech was hailed by his diehard fans as being one that would put a red line between him and the Conservative Party, promising a “binding commitment about decency and standards in public life” – a clear reference to allegations about Number 10’s conduct over sleaze, partygate and policy delivery.

If this was going to be his strategy for 2022, he might be better off just sitting back and letting the Tories do their own dirty work.