I confess. I’m feeling a bit like the third viola player on the deck of the Titanic. I should really be playing something upbeat for this week’s column, but I can’t ignore the fact that I’m currently sliding across a deck listing at 45 degrees.

Yes, I’m already on the whisky and I don’t normally drink. But here we are at End of Days… again… with a whole new crisis to unpick and a new draft of outlier opinions to judge against the consensus. Last time it was professors of epidemiology vs some errant PhD with a theory to sell. Now we’re weighing up the opinions of professors of economics, former Bank of England chiefs, and advisors to presidents, against fast-talking hedge fund chancers.

It might not, then, be a good time to look at these things too objectively – just a moment as I open a new bottle – but we can at least enjoy the ride. Salut!