Top Gear, BBC1The new series of Top Gear is a revelation. It’s got back to its roots, and then some. I could never understand why the country’s premier car show was tucked away on BBC2, but now, after several decades it’s finally been promoted to its rightful place on the Sunday night BBC1 schedule.

I’m a self-confessed petrolhead (and proud). No one is going to succeed in making me feel guilty for driving a car. I don’t spend money like water on luxuries, but I do like driving a nice car. And I like to see nice cars being tested to the limit of their endurance, even if I would never put my foot to the floor like one of the presenters did in this week’s episode in an Audi RS6. Ah, yes. Audis. I have an addiction to Vorsprung Durch Technik. Over the years I’ve had an original Quattro, two Quattro Coupe’s, two Cabriolets, an A4, an A4 estate, two A6 estates and I currently drive a black Q7 – the ultimate in SUVs. I defy anyone to find a better car on the market. I did dabble with a BMW X5 a few years ago, but I felt I was betraying Audi. I am very brand loyal…but I digress.