Tory MPs are reportedly in talks with Labour and other opposition parties, as they seek to block the government from lifting its ban on fracking.

Labour intends to force a vote on the removal of the ban, after the government lifted the fracking moratorium last month in an attempt to deal with the rising cost of energy.

On the morning of just her second PMQs, Liz Truss is already facing open rebellion from within her own party. Some Tory MPs have told the BBC that they are in conversation with the opposition, to find a way to prevent the government from lifting the ban.

Fracking was banned in 2019, following concerns over its environmental impact, with fears that it could cause minor earthquakes and tremors.

Dozens of Conservative MPs have reportedly voiced their concerns with the PM, while others have complained that it goes against the 2019 commitment to ban fracking unless the scientific consensus shows it can be done safely.

“The government doesn’t have to give votes. There are backbench business debates, there are opposition debates, there are amendments,” business secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg said.

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