Welcome to Moronic Wonderland, though we’ve passed through the looking glass so often you’d be forgiven if you no longer tell on which side poor Alice now finds herself.

To give you a clue, on this side of the glass the subject of “domestic violence” is something to laugh about at a Conservative leadership hustings. Over here, it’s the concerned citizens who need calling out or, as the vernacular has it, “doxing”, because they called the police when they heard a woman screaming in the night. In case you’re still confused, here’s the Mad Hatter (first name Jacob) calling those same neighbours “Corbynista curtain twitchers”. On this side of the political mirror, doing the right thing is all well and good except when it inconveniences your messaging and then it is bad.

Up is right and left is bad. Got that? Don’t worry if you didn’t. Here’s Sir John Nott crying “Disgrace!” on Sky News on Monday.