As we ascend into midsummer, it is hard not to notice the blushing fruits hankering for a picking or the medley of vegetables and herbs enlivening gardens and hedgerows. The arsenal of fresh produce available to green thumbs in sun-drenched months feels limitless; whether it’s a punnet of ruby-red strawberries that could be blended into a sorbet, blackcurrants for cordial or coral-tinted peaches that could be roasted and served with a cool sorbet, rosemary and olive oil ice cream.

This is only a sample of recipes to expect in The Last Bite, the mouth-wateringly delectable cookbook by the former River Café executive pastry chef Anna Higham. Over the years, Higham has won a number of accolades for her ability to sweeten even the sourest of critics with her irresistible desserts. In her debut cookbook, which Higham wrote to “communicate her love of fruit, of butter, and of sweetness,” the chef commands the utmost reverence for the seasonality of fruit and the desserts that can be whipped up from them.