This week on Reaction, Matthew Ellery called out the “experts” for their negative projections on Brexit, Bruce Anderson wondered when Theresa May would get a move enacting her vision for Britain, and Iain Martin and Rachel Cunliffe discussed President Trump’s bust-up with the US legal system on the Reaction Podcast. You can read our top articles from this week below.

Time for the experts to admit they were wrong about Brexit – by Matthew  Ellery
British car manufacturing has hit a 17-year high, unemployment is at an 11-year low, and the UK’s economy is growing fast.

Control freak Number 10 running the country from the bar of the Corinthia Hotel (*) – by Iain Martin
In Britain the power in the land is the dynamic duo Fiona Hill‎ and Nick Timothy.

Is there a Martin Schulz who can save Labour? – by Iain Martin
What a mess Labour is in and it’s getting worse.

When will Mrs May make the most of her opposition-less Parliament? – by Bruce Anderson
Few prime ministers have enjoyed such a lack of Parliamentary opposition as Mrs May. None has done less to exploit it.

Reaction Podcast: Trump wages war against America’s institutions – by Rachel Cunliffe and Iain Martin
Legal gridlock, Labour’s travails, and a tribute to Hans Rosling.

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