General Election 2019

Brexit Party is turning into the Lib Dems

BY Joseph Rachman   /  22 November 2019

The Brexit party policy launch kicked off to the tune of Kanye West’s “Power”. While many people might not naturally associate rap with Nigel Farage it’s a good pump-up tune, and Kanye’s prominent support of Donald Trump also adds to the fit. Still one wonders if it was a mistake, or a sly joke, that as “Power” played for the second time and Farage stood up to speak the iconic line, sampled from King Crimson, “21st century schizoid man” blared out before the song cut out.

Unusually for a Nigel Farage event that was one of the few touches of humour to the proceedings.  Farage was in unusually disciplined form declaring “This is not a manifesto” as he touted the Brexit Party’s “Contract With The People”. While he could not resist the sly revelation the term manifesto had been avoided as word association tests suggested people associated it with “lies” he also insisted this was something different. This was the start of a “political revolution.


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