Another year, another NatCon. Yes, the annual gathering of right-wing, postliberal, anti-globalist, pro-nation conservatives is taking place in Brussels as we speak – but it has not had the smoothest of starts. 

Late Monday night, the National Conservatism conference had to change venue – twice – at short notice due to reported pressure from the left-leaning mayor on the venue. Then today, a ring of police surrounded the conference, letting no one in and refusing re-entry for those who left. 

Citing concerns over public safety, Emir Kir, the mayor of the St-Josse-ten-Noode commune issued a police order to stop the event.  

In her speech, Suella Braverman, former home secretary, bashed the “thought police, instructed by the mayor of Brussels” to undermine freedom of expression. “If only the globalists in Brussels put as much energy into securing our borders as they did in trying to gag conservatives, maybe our continent would be in a healthier state,” she fumed.

Back in London, Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting joked about the ordeal, accusing Braverman of having much in common with the “far-right fanatics” at NatCon.

An anonymous source in the venue told The Hound that the event was at once both chaotic and tame. As recently converted Catholics cavorting in tweed lamented the globalists’ iron fist in the velvet glove trying to shut down the event, others in the hall mused that Antifa was outside looking to start a riot. 

According to the same source, the police, far from being aggressive, were rather dull and vacant, or, as a Glaswegian might put it, glaikit. The power of Antifa resided in all but a handful of leftie Brussels journos no doubt offended by the mere existence of people who think diversity, equity and inclusion are not sacred moral virtues. 

Farage praised the “brave Tunisian man” who owned Claridges, the third and successful venue. French rightwing politician Eric Zemmour was denied entry to the venue. According to Rod Dreher, editor-at-large of the American Conservative and a speaker at the conference, US Senator JD Vance is “so appalled by the treatment of NatCon Brussels that he is already drafting a letter to the Belgian ambassador.” He might be waiting a while for a reply.

Speaking tomorrow is the darling of the NatCon lot, controversial Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. It’s sure to be a relaxed affair then. 

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