Finally, the fog of battle has lifted and the enemy is now in plain sight. It is not the rag-tag integrationist Brussels militia of Juncker, Barnier and Mad Dog Verhofstadt. It is the real enemy of Britain and its people: the Westminster Parliament. After almost three years of hypocrisy and lies, MPs have this week cast off all disguise and indulged in a feeding frenzy of anti-Brexit wrecking.

They pledged support for Brexit to their constituents. They swore to deliver Brexit. Most stood on party manifestos that committed them to that course, to the exclusion of the Single Market, Customs Union or any jurisdiction for the European Court. A total of 498 of them voted to trigger Article 50, which specifically included the option of a no deal Brexit. And all the time they lied: shamelessly, cynically, to secure election to a position from which they could thwart the policies they had promised to promote.