Hate pushy kids? Same here. It’s Tuesday evening. I’m heading to a concert in Soho, Manhattan. My phone chirrups a message announcing; “It’s Greta Thunberg’s World”.

No it bl..dy well isn’t. At least, not yet. And her “Hail Mary” movement – are the handlers now trying to upstage the Catholic Church? – can keep “hailing” all it likes. If I could work out how to unsubscribe from the oxymoronic “Intelligencer” – just one of a raft of in-thrall news feeds peddling her stream of simplistic eco-drivel – I would. I big-finger fruitlessly instead.

Forget it. This concert is more important. Tonight’s bill at New York classical music station WQXR’s performance studio, The Greene Space, in deepest Soho, features a performance by Alma Deutscher playing violin and piano. Nothing astonishing there, except it’s a curtain raiser to her already sold-out debut at Carnegie Hall on December 12th.