If not now, when? Now is the moment for politics to be taken out of health care reform. It is widely felt that the NHS has never been in a more parlous state and yet the solutions seem beyond the grasp of any single health minister or party,  who live in fear of being accused of dismantling ‘our’ precious NHS. Really creative, meaningful solutions will take vision and the ability to think and plan for the long term; something politicians are not good at when the threat of the negative soundbite always hangs over them.
The Tories should surely be only too happy to share the burden of tackling the reforms with Labour, knowing that the latter is seen as the party most trusted to protect the NHS. If it can be held partly responsible for the state of the health service so much the better for the Tories come election time. What’s in it for Labour to risk being sullied at this point? Keir Starmer knows that when he’s in power the buck will stop with him. So why not agree now that there is no instant panacea and start working together to find genuine long-term solutions to a problem that will not go away whatever the party in power? 

Nicky Lloyd-Thomas, Shropshire

Economic growth at the expense of our long-term wellbeing?

Reading thorough the financial articles we are led to believe that our collective long-term wellbeing relies on ‘growth’ in the economy. This means making more stuff and, by necessity, reusing less. In other words, using up this planet’s finite resources, oil, land and minerals to aid growth.  

Are there alternative ways to feel confident in the future rather than framing everything around more ‘growth’ in the economy? Should we really be focusing on using less of these things instead? Will enthusiasm for removing plastic from the environment, keeping animals of endangered lists, looking at sustainable ways of producing our food and heating our homes, always be a minority interest? 

Caya Edwards, Cornwall

Abolish the 1922 Committee

I think MP’s have really lost the plot, led by the 1922 Committee.They pushed out the most popular Leader, who won an 80 seat majority, replaced him with Liz Truss, pushed her out after 43 days and replaced her with Riki Sunak, who is not popular at all.

Labour are going up in the polls and come the General Election the Tories will get a real hammering, losing sear after seat.

It’s time us members are listened to, strict new rules needed when electing a Leader, the 1922 Committee abolished, they have become too powerful and just change the rules to suit their schemes.
At present I am still a fee paying member, but I really don’t know for how much longer. The membership number have fallen drastically since the summer!!!!

Jan Wilce

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