Probably the most clichéd axiom that journalists and commentators have traditionally learned while still on the nursery slopes of their profession is the ruthless will to survival of the Conservative Party and its legendary effectiveness in removing anybody, from the leader down, who threatens its grasp on power. St Thomas Aquinas defined self-preservation as the primary human instinct and it was always exceptionally well developed in the Tory Party.

So, where are the men in grey suits when they are more urgently needed than at any time in the party’s history? Why is one individual, a leader who has totally alienated herself from her erstwhile supporters, being permitted to kill off the Conservative Party? Instead of the grey-suited assassins of Tory folklore we see a colony of rabbits in the headlights goggling impotently while Theresa May provokes their mass cull. Future historians will find the chronicle of British Conservatism’s end times incomprehensible.