Increasingly, the public is looking more and more askance at the protesters occupying central London. They claim sanctimoniously to be acting as our saviours, to be taking extreme action to defend us from disaster, to be behaving so aggressively because the emergency is so extreme. But the public is beginning to recognize they are hypocrites, crippling businesses and paralyzing national life to indulge their obsession. Britain has had enough of the uncooperative crusties of Extension Rebellion – and the whole extravagant Remainer tantrum.

The Remainer rump concentrated at Westminster has fetishized the supposed threat of WTO Brexit as a potential extinction event, in exactly the same way that the climate loons clambering onto the roofs of tube trains have weaponized natural climate change. In both cases the objective is to terrify the public into subjection to their minority political agenda. The public, however, is unimpressed.