“European values” is the oxymoron cynically employed by the Brussels kleptocracy when it takes to the so-called “moral high ground” to sermonise everyone else on their supposed ethical deficiencies. The European Commission was in the process of denying Hungarians €11.5bn rightfully due to them, on the pretext there were problems with “the rule of law” in Hungary, when the Belgian Federal Police unearthed the first bags of cash in the flat of European Parliament vice-president Eva Kaili.

This particular set of European values was assessed at €150,000. As the homes and hotels of 18 other MEPs and officials were searched, yielding in one instance a suitcase stuffed with banknotes, European values increased to €1.5m and rising. Four people, including Kaili, have so far been charged with criminal offences, including corruption, but the net is being cast ever wider. If it were to be conducted on the scale the Brussels swamp requires, it is questionable whether the European Parliament would be quorate by the end of the year.