Introducing The Price of War conference – 1 December, One Great George Street, London

World-renowned academics, financial experts, business leaders and commentators are gathering to discuss how to understand conflict economics in a volatile world at an exclusive conference, co-hosted by the CERGE-EI Foundation and Reaction.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has turned the established global order on its head, and there is an urgent need for a constructive debate about how decision-makers should best navigate this uncertain environment.

Speakers include bestselling author Tim Marshall, the FT’s Martin Wolf, Merryn Somerset Webb, and the renowned historians Peter Frankopan and Professor Stephen Kotkin. Panels will be moderated by Reaction’s Maggie Pagano, Iain Martin and distinguished broadcaster Adam Boulton.

If you’re interested in attending, please email us at:

An invited audience will hear a series of keynote speeches and expert panels addressing key questions:

– How can the international community, individual states, and companies take action?

– From a financial and business perspective, how can we understand conflict economics to make sound risk management decisions?

– What are the historical and long-term consequences in conflict economics that can help us in our understanding and our decision-making process, both now and in the future?