The premise of a “Sci-Fi Rock Opera”, is intriguing, confusing and honestly, a little off- putting. But Dominic Frisby’s and Brendon Connelly’s dystopian tale of county lines, invisible coats and techno anarchists makes a good case for the emergence of such a blended genre.

The Shadowpunk Revolution is set in 2029. Rural towns in Devon are plagued by drug trafficking. A smart, yet humble police officer has devoted his life to trying to save his town from criminal gangs, but he is unknowingly up against science too. A group of physicists who call themselves “shadowpunks” have developed invisibility coats through a system of refraction. The coats, bought on the dark web with bitcoin, were created by these tech-anarchists in protest against state and corporate invasion of privacy. But the coats are soon acquired by criminals, giving them a fail-proof getaway for any situation. When the hero realises the criminals secret weapon, he takes on a rogue mission to discover the truth behind the coats and play the bad guys at their own game.