Are the ultra-Remainers going mad?

The ultra-Remainers seem increasingly possessed

BY Iain Martin | iainmartin1   /  27 March 2017

A lot of strange stuff has been written about the referendum and its aftermath, so a writer really has to go some to stand out from the crowd. As was highlighted today by Walter Ellis (brilliant Reaction Remainer, who shows we are a broad church while generally being for enthusiastically getting on with Brexit), the case of Christopher Booker is most strange. Booker was, along with his associates, a robust voice for leaving the EU for many years. Now he writes it will be a disaster because we are leaving the customs union and because NO-ONE WILL LISTEN TO HIM AND HIS FRIENDS, or something. Let’s face it. There is a strand in the Eurosceptic movement that liked being a minority interest. There is a similarity there with music fans who like showing their alleged superiority by being into an obscure act. What they hate most is when other people start buying the records of their hitherto little-known favourites.

But on the other side of the fence, it’s getting stranger and stranger by the day. This week’s editorial, that is leader column, of that great old newspaper The Observer is quite simply one of the maddest things ever published in a serious newspaper. And believe me, when I say that, I’ve read a lot of mad stuff. I was a newspaper comment editor for several years, which means I had to read some of the stuff that didn’t get into the paper. I’ve seen all manner of journalistic horrors.

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