Yesterday night marked the star-studded premiere of the long-awaited 25th James Bond film, No Time to Die. Celebrities poured in their droves to the Royal Albert Hall, and a pink-velvet Daniel Craig was flanked by his fellow cast members Rami Malek, Lea Seydoux and Lashana Lynch on the red carpet to celebrate his fifth – and his final – instalment of the Bond franchise.

The film has already received glowing reviews, with The Times’ Kevin Maher awarding it five stars, saying “it was better than good. It’s magnificent.” The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw described the film as an “epic barnstormer” which delivers “pathos, action, drama, camp, comedy, heartbreak, macabre horror, and outrageously silly old-fashioned action.” In another five-star review, The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin said it was an “extravagantly satisfying, bulgingly proportioned last chapter to the Craig era,” which “throws everything there is left to throw at.”

Retrospectively, the “Daniel Craig era” of Bond films will be remembered for adding depth to a character that was historically capped to a notorious womaniser who beds women as quickly as he shakes his martini. But it is not just the James Bond character that has undergone a massive refurbishment in recent years but also the infamous Bond girl.