Has Prince Harry lost his sense of humour?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have denied reports they are planning to take legal action over a South Park episode in which they’re portrayed as PR-obsessed egomaniacs.

The episode, titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour”, has the couple’s thinly-veiled doppelgängers embarking on a publicity blitz to promote the Prince’s new book, Waaagh.

“We want our privacy”, “Stop looking at us”, their placards read as they hop from continent to continent on a private jet in a desperate bid not to be noticed. It gets sillier.

It’s a classic roast. While they look like twits, there’s no harm done.

Except, maybe there has been. Reports are swirling that Meghan was left “upset an overwhelmed” by their depiction.

But it’s not like Harry and Meghan have been singled out. Over its stunning run of 26 seasons, South Park has skewered every celebrity under the sun.

If anything, he couple’s inclusion shows they really are in the big league. They should take it as a compliment.

Who knows, maybe Meghan found it funny, although it’s hard to imagine.

Harry, on the other hand, grew up surrounded by dry, self-effacing Brits and squaddie banter.

There must have been a time when the Prince would have had a good chuckle at seeing himself ridiculed in cartoon form. Maybe a part of him is still chuckling.

With money in the bank, a best-selling book, a loving wife and two sweet kids, living in sunny California, it’s hard to see why he wouldn’t be able to see the funny side.

Harry and Meghan should own it. All that’s needed is a single line from Harry to put the whole thing to bed: “I’d like to thank South Park for promoting my new book, Waaaah… I mean Spare… Buy it here!”

That really would be good PR.

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