Isabel Webster is a television presenter and newsreader. She first joined Sky News in 2011 as the West of England correspondent, before presenting the Sunrise programme from early 2014 until 2017. After a decade at the channel, she left Sky News to present Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel on GB News in 2021, which is on television and radio Monday to Thursday from 6 am to 9.30 am. Alongside her presenting, Isabel Webster is available to compere for corporate or charitable events.

These are a few of Isabel Webster’s favourite things…


Before children, I considered myself an adventurous traveller. I’d spent months in Ecuador as an 18-year-old, I’ve Interrailed across Europe, backpacked around Rajasthan, ridden on horseback through Petra, been white-water rafting in Quebec, slept under the stars in the desert in Jordan, braved many walking Safaris in Southern Africa and climbed Mount Kinabalu in Borneo on my honeymoon. But, alas, the pitter-patter of tiny feet has clipped my wings significantly. That being said, I still live to travel and long for a warm climate whenever I’m in Blighty. I adore the sensory pleasure of different foods, smells, architecture and cultures. Holidays just tend to revolve around buckets and spades and short-haul flights for now… Luckily we have no shortage of beautiful beaches to choose from, with the South of France being our destination of choice these days.


Both my parents are architects, so I grew up around drawing boards and design. But, whilst I have a good appreciation of architecture, it has always been interiors that have really interested me. As a teenager, when I would babysit, I would spend the whole evening rearranging my employers’ living room — in my head. I always thought I could improve most spaces. I believe to have a truly beautiful home you need the holy trinity of: time, money and taste. Very few people ever possess all three (especially these days) — I certainly don’t. But, Instagram has been wonderful for satisfying my hungry eye. I love nothing more than killing time at a train station or in a dentist’s waiting room by perusing the very many wonderful interior accounts that I follow.


It is a sad fact that one of my favourite things to do is the laundry. I feel immense satisfaction whenever I empty the laundry basket and I’m sure a psychologist would say there is some reason why I feel such happiness from cleaning clothes. It makes me feel like a good mum, even though that’s clearly nonsense. Don’t get me started on fabric conditioner… is there anything that smells better? It’s no surprise to me that Mrs Hinch has been such a huge hit — cleaning is therapeutic.


Walking is unfashionable. The sort of thing Theresa May or Angela Merkel would do on their summer holidays. But it is underrated. I love the sense of perspective you get from walking through a big wood, up a huge hill or under an expansive sky. And I love the opportunity it gives for good conversations with whomever you’re with. I have my best ideas, intentions or epiphanies when walking. If I’ve had a row or a bad time at work, I’ll always feel better after a turn around the block.

I pine mainly for the hills near where I grew up. I feel sure I know every loop, every view, every picnic spot, with walks passed down through generations of my family. But I also love London for walking. If we lived in the countryside I’m sure I’d drive much more. As it is, I walk my children everywhere — to school, the playground, playdates and afterschool activities — and I love it.


For me, there is no greater way to let my hair down than on a dance floor. I am always first up to dance; the emptier the dancefloor the better. Give this woman some space! My husband and I used to dance all night, until well past dawn, when we first met. Now it is mostly dancing around the kitchen with the children. But, they also love to dance, and I’m so happy to see them share our enthusiasm. It always clears the air, lightens the mood and gets the endorphins rushing; it’s good exercise too. 

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